Captoappetit™ works without exerting any pharmacological, immunological or metabolic action or effects on the human body

More about the fat-binding mechanisms of Captoappetit™

Captoappetit™ is a medical device contains a kind of peculiar "mucilaginous", highly viscous soluble fiber, which is not enzymatically digested in the upper intestine, but extensively decomposed by human gut microflora. The weight-reducing and metabolic effect of this fiber is due to the combination of distinct mechanisms of action:

  1. the polysaccharide is easily soluble in cold water and has an exceptional capacity to absorb water, swelling almost one hundred folds with respect to the dry volume and forming extraordinarily viscous solutions. So, in the stomach, in the presence of sufficient amounts of water, it gelifies and begins to swell, exerting a pressure on gastric walls, which slows the time of transit, down-regulates the production of hunger hormone and induces a feeling of precocious satiety;
  2. the swelling of the viscous mass continues in the intestine, with the consequence that the so-formed viscous mass weighs on intestinal wall and mechanically stimulates peristalsis, accelerating transit time and reducing the absorption of nutrients. The studies have clearly evidenced the concomitant presence of alterations of intestinal absorption of lipid, carbohydrates and glucose, of intestinal or pancreatic hormone secretion, as well as changes in lipoprotein and bile acid metabolism, and in hepatic cholesterol biosynthesis. Comparisons of relative viscosity and water-holding capacity have evidenced that the fibers contained in Captoappetit™ have much greater relative viscosity, water-holding capacity, and superior hypolipidemic effect with respect to other mucilages;
  3. a complementary hypocholesterolemic effect may be due to an extensive cecal anaerobic fermentation of the polysaccharide by gut microflora, which can lead to an enhanced production of short-chain fatty acids, which reportedly are capable to inhibit cholesterol synthesis in liver and intestine.

The activity of the no-gas component of Captoappetit™ is due to a combination of:

  1. Captoappetit™ a draining effect on the liquid films formed by gastric juices;
  2. a strong surfactant (tensioactive) action; the drop in the surface tension of gastric or intestinal liquids breaks the liquid films and destroys the gaseous bubbles.

The primary mechanisms of action of the substances included in Captoappetit™ are mechanic, being due to swelling behavior, viscosity and a gas-adsorbing effect. All these activities are elicited without pharmacometabolic interactions with the intestinal tissues.
The components of Captoappetit™, being unabsorbable and undegradable, are entirely devoid of caloric power.