Captoappetit™'s mechanism of action is non-systemic

Why Captoappetit™ may be a potent aid to calm down hunger and block the absorption of dietary fats and sugars?

Captoappetit™ contains a particular type of vegetal fiber, soluble but nondigestible, with an exceptional and unparalleled capacity to absorb water (up to 100-200 fold its dry weight) and swell (up to 50-100 fold its dry volume) in the gastrointestinal lumen, forming extraordinarily viscous solutions. Once ingested, the substances contained in the product swell in the stomach, inducing a feeling of precocious satiety and reducing food craving during and between meals. This "gelified" mass is resistant to degradation in the acidic environment of the stomach, and passes in the intestine, where its viscosity drastically reduces the intestinal absorption of cholesterol, lipids and sugars of dietary origin. Afterwards, being also resistant to enzymatic digestion, the viscous bolus containing the polysaccharide and the nutrients it has retained from being absorbed passes throughout the intestinal tract and is excreted into the feces. Published controlled clinical studies have shown that, after two or three months of administration, total cholesterol and "bad cholesterol" concentrations were reduced – on average - by 10-20%, whereas triglycerides dropped up to 23%. Consistent reductions were also observed for fasting and postprandial blood glucose levels. In some placebo-controlled studies, adult subjects lost up to 4-5 kgs more than those receiving placebo. In addition, Captoappetit™ associates to the fibrous component a potent antifoaming and gas-adsorbing inert substance, which allows minimizing in a very short term the unaesthetic abdominal bloating - so frequent in overweight women - achieving a pretty flat belly in a short interval of time.